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At Don's Auto Ade, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick and dependable service professionals, and affordable prices all come together to make driving out on a new set of tires easy.

See the review from our valuable customer Steven H:

"Don's is great, I just had an alternator put in at a Firestone dealer, picked up the car and could barely drive out of his lot, went back in the store to complain, they said all they did was the alternator. I told them my engine light wasn't on before and they said they would have to wait till the next day to look at the problem because the guy that does that wasn't there. I called Craig and he said it sounds like they either broke a wire or something else that he would have to see the car. I had the car towed to Dons. They had the car fixed in 10 minutes, saying the plugin to the trans was damaged, it sits right by the starter. Craig had a tech fix it and sent me on my way. I never would have taken my car anywhere else but I was stranded in Des Plaines,Il. Needless to say, my car is running great and Craig said on my next visit to brings donuts. Thank god for these guys, I was broke after shelling out to Firestone."